Crosser Control Center On-Prem

Crosser Control Center On-Prem

This article describes the high-level system architecture of Crosser Control Center and highlights the requirements as well as consequences of running Crosser Control Center on-prem.

System architecture

The Crosser Control Cloud consists of several microservices, each deployed as its own container inside a Kubernetes cluster. There are also database and storage services residing outside the Kubernetes cluster that are used by these services. Some services can run inside the cluster for test setups, but need to run outside the cluster for high-availability production setups.


  • Kubernets environment

  • Ingress Proxy

  • Certificates for endpoints

  • Blobstorage and database(s)

  • Knowledge in dealing with helm charts and microservices


When running Crosser Control Center on-prem, you have to take care about the availability of the solution. You will have to maintain the solution as well as all services required around it, such as databases, storages and so on.
Beside that you will not benefit from frequent updates on Crossers’ SaaS offering including feature updates, patches, bug-fixes and new modules. On-prem installations typically receive two major updates per year. Major updates include the current state of available modules. Only Node versions supported by the corresponding on-prem version of the Control Center may be used.


If you want to use Crosser Control Center on-prem, contact your assigned sales representative for more information.

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