Minor fixes

Minor fixes

Release Note

Release date: 2024-01-22

This release contains minor fixes since the last major update.

Changes and minor fixes

  • [New] Counters with number of new events per level added on the Events page. Badges can be clicked to reload the list and filter on the selected level.

  • [New] Reload button added on the Events page.

  • [New] 7 day time range added on the Events page.

  • [Fix] Node details not shown in Flow Studio remote sessions.

  • [Fix] Not possible to select resources in parameter overrides on the Nodes page

  • [Fix] Module settings UI behaves strange when updating dynamic lists, for example when adding tags in PLC modules or adding filters in SQL modules. 

  • [Fix] Nodes of type “Unknown” now added when filtering on “Offline (Other)” from the pie chart on the Monitor->Nodes page.

  • [Fix] “Wanted State” renamed to “Desired State” in the deployment tool and on the Monitor pages.

  • [Fix] Show all bins in Event charts, even if there is no data.

  • [Fix] Universal Connectors url-encoded brackets used for parameter references, when adding query parameters or headers.

  • [Fix] Query parameters manually added in the URL of Universal Connectors not url-encoded

  • [Fix] Parameters for Oauth Client Credentials are not url-encoded when used in Universal Connectors.

  • [Fix] Styling of annotations improved to avoid line breaks in the middle of words.

  • [Fix] In some situations not all Flows were listed on the Flows page, even though they were shown on the Monitor→Flows page.

Note on Oauth Client Credentials in Universal Connectors

If you have manually url-encoded any Oauth Client Credentials, to make them work with the previous version of the UCs, you must recreate these credentials without url-encoding and update the module settings to use the new credentials.

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