Hardware requirements

  • CPU: 64-bit x86 or 32 / 64 bit ARM
  • RAM: Minimum 500MB free (in addition to OS and Docker requirements)
  • Disk: Minimum 300MB free (in addition to OS and Docker requirements)

Software requirements

The Crosser node is provided as a Linux Docker container or as a Windows service installer.
Both community (CE) and enterprise (EE) editions of Docker are supported. The Crosser node software runs on top of .NET 6 (included in the Docker container and the Windows service installer).

Network access

In order to download the docker image you need to have access to and via port 443 (HTTPS).
For connecting your Crosser Edge Nodes to your Crosser Control Cloud instance, you need access to via port 443 (HTTPS).
In case you are running your Crosser Control Cloud instance on prem, adjust the URL accordingly to your setup.

Linux operating systems (Docker)
Almost any Linux distribution with a kernel version of 3.10+ should work as a platform for running the Crosser node.

The following distributions and versions are officially supported:

Red Hat Enterprise LinuxCentOS 7+x86-64
Ubuntu16.04+X86-64, arm64, armhf
SUSE Enterprise Linux (SLES)12 SP2+x86-64
Debian/Raspbian8.7+X86-64, arm64, armhf

Other versions may work as well, but will require validation.

Windows operating systems (Windows service)
The following versions are officially supported.

Windows 10 Pro/Enterprise1607+x86-64
Windows Server2016+x86-64

Other versions may work as well, but will require validation.

Mac operating systems (Docker) The following versions are officially supported.

OS XEl Capitan 10.11+x86-64

Other versions may work as well, but will require validation.

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