Resources management and new Modules page

Resources management and new Modules page

Release Note

Resources management and new Modules page

Release date: 2024-05-07

Resources management

The management of Resources has got a major overhaul in this release:

Versions - A Resource now has versions, i.e. you don’t need to create a completely new resource to introduce changes.

Drafts - A Resource can now be in a draft state, to allow changes. A draft will be converted into a locked version when a Flow using the resource is deployed, or explicitly by saving it as a version.

Categories - User defined categories are added on the Resources page, similar to the Flows page, to help organize resources.

Note 1: Existing resources will be converted into ‘Version 1’, i.e. they cannot be changed.

Note 2: For resources of types ‘File’, ‘PythonScript’ or ‘CSharpScript’ all versions will share the same filename/path on local disk. Therefore it is not possible to use different versions of the same resource in different Flows on the same Node, since the last Flow that is deployed will overwrite the local file with its resource version. This will change in an upcoming Node release.

Modules page

The Modules page has been aligned with the new look and feel. There is now also a category browser, the same as is used in the Flow Studio, and the module documentation and release notes are available from this page.

Note: The Universal Connector tool is now available from its own top-level page.

Demo video

For a quick introduction to the new features, take a look at this video.

Changes and minor fixes

  • [Change] The currently selected category is now shown with breadcrumbs above the corresponding lists.

  • [Change] The ‘Common’ tab in the module settings has been renamed to ‘General’. 

  • [Change] It is now possible to use values up to 100 000 for the Queue Size on the General tab in the module settings without getting validation errors.

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